Rinaldo Venuti – Polish National Ballet
beautiful people…
…there where passion becomes air…

…why did you  choose balet?

I chose ballet because I felt free. I loved it since the first day, it’s my way to „talk” to people, it’s my prayer.

…have you ever thought about anything else?

I’ve never thought of anything else I just can’t picture my life without dancing. But I’m very interested in psychology so eventually I would like to study that.

…how does your normal day look like? (before quarantine and now)

Before quarantine I would wake up at 8, have breakfast, get changed and go to the theatre to work and always try to find some time to spend it with my friends. During quarantine at first it wasn’t easy cause we are so used to follow a routine but slowly I learned how to use my time properly and be productive. I wake up at 8:30, I eat, I listen to music and meditate, I take my ballet class, most of the time after class I just dance around the house ( it helps me to create a good energy for the day) and I talk to my parents. It depends everyday I try to find something new.

…what gives you inspiration and motivation in difficult moments?

Music, praying, my parents and my friends.

…what do you value the most in your life?

Love! I believe if we love something, if we love someone life become more meaningful. Colourful.

…what do you value the most in you?

Hard work, passion, understanding.

…inspiration thought or quote for other people:

Have the right intention and passion and everything will fall into place on its own.

…what is your favourite ballet and why?

My favorite ballet would be Manon, it was the first ballet I saw at the opera and it I felt an incredible feeling inside me. I watched all 11 recitals.

…is there anything else you want to share?

Just dream big, it’s free and it keeps you alive.