Natalia Kamińska – Polish National Ballet
beautiful people…
…there where passion becomes air…

…why did you  choose ballet?

Ballet has always been a part of my life. When I was a child I went to ballet classes in Warsaw and in Poznań.  Than I started to go to a General Ballet  School in Warsaw. I was inspired by female ballet dancers  as a child and I found that it’s what I wanted to do.

…have you ever thought about anything else?

Before I decided that ballet is the most important thing in my life I wanted to be an accountant. In fact I haven’t changed this plan. I’ve just postponed it until after my dance career. I currently study Finance and Accounting so sometimes  I’m forced to think about something other than ballet.

…how does your normal day look like? (before quarantine and now)

Every day I come to the theatre quite early. I prepare for my classes and I warm up. Than I have my classes and rehearsals. My day looks like a continuous effort to be in two places at once – in the theatre and at university. I’m quite good at it.

…what gives you inspiration and motivation in difficult moments?

Maybe the fact that I haven’t got enough time to think about my problems. Difficult moments happen, they are not easy, but I have the strategy to actively combat them. I do my duties and then bad thoughts disappear.

…what do you value the most in your life?

There are still so many things to discover, so many books worth reading, so many new situations and the fact that we can have even more than we dream about.

…what do you value the most in you?

It’s a difficult question, but maybe the fact that I am open-minded to every point of view, and consider all sides. I try not to be narrow-minded.

…the most beautiful moment in your life:

The most beautiful moment in my life is every day, when I can go to the theatre, get sweaty during my classes, when I can talk to my family and hug them. Everyday, small activities are the most beautiful.

…what is your dream?

I dream about creating an unusual  character, and  creating my own ballet story to touch audiences’ hearts.

…inspirational thought or quote for other people:

„Life is just the beginning, and happiness is in you” – I got this quote on my 18th birthday

…what is your favourite ballet and why?

I’m still impressed  by the Niżyński Ballet – „Święto wiosny”. Unobvious, scandalous, unexpected. Everything is perfect.