Melissa Abel – Polish National Ballet
beautiful people…
…there where passion becomes air…

…why did you  choose balet?

I think dance is an beautiful opportunity for human connection, and when I’m onstage I try to be vulnerable and share a part of myself with the audience and hope that that resonates with somebody. The opportunity to perform with that in mind is one of the reasons I love it.

…have you ever thought about anything else?

When I was young I wanted to be so many different things-lawyer, teacher,author- but for now I’m not sure what I’ll do after my ballet career.

…what gives you inspiration and motivation in difficult moments?

…what do you value the most in your life?

What inspires me and what I value most in life go hand in hand. My family and the wonderful people I am lucky to have in my life are what I value most. They inspire me through their dedication to their respective crafts and through their kindness, compassion, and support for me and others. I’m really grateful to have an amazing support system, and I do my best to return that love and support back.

…inspiration thought or quote for other people:

I don’t know that I have any inspirational quotes but maybe just a final thought: I really believe in valuing the work you put towards a particular goal, and not worrying so much about achieving the goal itself. The work you put in is an amazing accomplishment all on its own regardless of the outcome.