On the Tips of Her Toes…
…to reach her dream

…what was your adventure with dance like from the very beginning?

My adventure with dance started when I was five years old. I attended ballet classes at a local dance school in Maidstone, where I have lived with my family since I was a child.

Prompted by my dance teacher and the school director, I started serious classical ballet training at the age of 12 and had to work hard to catch up with the higher standards of the pre-professional ballet world. Gradually, I started to improve my technique. And the higher the level I reached, the more my love for ballet filled my heart.

After two years in this school, I knew that this is what I wanted to do in life. To dance and enjoy it – always.

In the next school my main teacher was Nicola (who was trained at the Royal Ballet school). I had a lot of hours of dance, but that was important – I wanted to dance as much as possible. My teacher said that she had never seen anyone make so much progress in such a short time. And all I could think about was to be as good at dancing as possible.

Than, due to the pandemic came the lockdown and daily practice in my own little room.

Despite lack of training at a studio, I was accepted to the European School of Ballet in Amsterdam! There began an intensive course of work six days a week from 12:00 to 19:15, and studying for A-levels in the rest of the time and at the weekend. A very exhausting time, but very fruitful.

I jumped one level and next year will be moving up to the Trainee Programme, the most difficult and advanced programme in the school.

My dream is to become a professional dancer and get a job in a good ballet company.

…what do you value most in life?

I think the highest value is relationships with family, with friends, with people. In relationships you can learn a lot from other people. You can take all those good things you see in other people and you can use them to become a better person. Or you can just rest next to someone who understands you well…just be with them….

…Memories you like to go back to….

My fondest childhood memory is a vacation in Poland with my grandmother, when we would go to the allotment together and eat sweet strawberries – time spent together.

My memories also include playing with my friends, with my brother. I always loved physical games, sports. Soccer, volleyball, all the team games. Even when I wasn’t very good at it – I just loved it. I loved to run.

I also loved to read. When I was with the other kids I loved sports games, but when I came home I would read all night.

There is one book that has special meaning to me – A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I used to read it together with my mother. It is my fondest memory with my mother. I remember sitting together and reading this book. I like to go back to those memories and to this book. It gives me a sense of security and solace.

…What inspires and motivates you during difficult times?

When obstacles arise, I look back – how far I’ve come, how much work I’ve put into it, how much progress I’ve made. I think about the magical experience of dancing ballet on stage, creating the art of dance and my love for it. No matter how hard it is sometimes, my passion and determination always help me to go further .