21.06 - 18.07.2022

We want to help Zuzia fulfill her dream.
The Dance to Be Foundation helps ballet dancers in their everyday lives. The stage, the beautiful dance, the applause, the adoration of the audience – we often only see the end result. Meanwhile, especially at the beginning of their journey, dancers face many challenges in their everyday lives.
Zuzia and her parents face the challenge of paying the high ballet school fees.
Zuzia studies dance at the European School of Ballet in Amsterdam. As a talented student, she has received many compliments from the director and has even jumped one level and will be doing the most advanced program starting in September. In ballet, this happens extremely rarely!
My dream is to become a professional dancer and get a job with a good ballet company.
However, in order for me to continue studying ballet at ESB, I need to raise 20,000 PLN for each of the two semesters. This is a very big challenge for our family. My mom is disabled after a stroke and unable to work, and my dad’s income is not enough to cover the cost of school.
I will be extremely grateful for any help!

Zuzia has another year of hard work ahead of her, but she is ready to take it on, to move forward, to stand on her tiptoes in dance and grasp her dream. She just needs support at this initial stage. She needs friends to help her spread her wings.
As a foundation, we want to help her raise money for her tuition fees. Our FINGertips Campaign is on… https://pomagam.pl/naczubkachpalcow
We would like to encourage you to join this unique artist’s shaping project. By donating any amount of money you can contribute to the development of Zuzia’s extraordinary talent! You can have an impact on creating a new generation of beautiful people!