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Foundation terms



The Dance to Be Foundation, hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”, operates on the basis of its Articles of Association, entry in the Foundation Register under KRS No.: 0000756593 dated 14.11.2018

The objectives of the Foundation are:

  1. Supporting ballet school students and ballet dancers in contact with their families and in other fields of their needs.
  2. Supporting the artistic, physical, intellectual, mental and spiritual development of ballet school students and ballet dancers.
  3. Transmiting Christian values.
  4. Caring for the mental condition of ballet school students and ballet dancers.
  5. Promoting talented ballet students and dancers.
  6. Creating links between people involved in the development of ballet, internationally.
  7. Supporting all activities for the development of ballet.
  8. Disseminating ballet.




  1. Assistance is granted to students of ballet schools and ballet dancers. By the term “ballet school” we mean a type of artistic school in Poland or abroad with a nine-year education cycle, giving education in the profession of “ballet dancer”. It can be a public or non-public school.
  2. Supporting ballet school students and dancers in their contacts with their families concerns first of all the closest relatives (parents, siblings).
  3. The Foundation takes into account the following criteria when providing financial assistance:
    1. distance of the place of study or employment to the parents’ place of residence
    2. frequency of contacts with the family
    3. age of the beneficiary
    4. health condition
    5. random situations
  4. The assistance provided by the Foundation is primarily financial, based on the objectives specified in the Foundation’s statutes. The order of objectives in the Statute is set out in accordance with the priorities of the Foundation and is taken into account when considering the applications of the beneficiaries. Each case is considered by us individually. 5.
  5. Any financial, advisory or psychological help is conditioned by the Foundation’s means and resources.
  6. The Foundation activities aimed at helping particular dancers are chosen before supporting general projects and events aiming at spreading the art of ballet.
  7. The advisability of medical or rehabilitation assistance must be based on doctor’s recommendations.
  8. A person applying for assistance from the Foundation is obliged to send: an application for assistance and medical documentation (if necessary for the Foundation to provide assistance).
  9. The Board of the Foundation will qualify the student or dancer to the group of the Foundation’s wards and determine the scope of assistance on the basis of an analysis of all the documents provided.
  10. The Foundation has the right to ask for additional documents, because each case is different, and thus the final documentation depends on the situation of a particular person.
  11. The final decision to grant assistance is made by the Foundation Board on the basis of the statute and regulations of the Foundation.
  12. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse assistance to the wards, even if the application and documentation of the applicant for assistance shows that they meet all the conditions specified in the Statute and Regulations.
  13. In special cases, not described in the Regulations, the Board of the Foundation reserves the right to provide assistance under different rules.




  1. In accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data of 10 May 2018. (Dz. U. 2018 r. 1000) and RODO, the Foundation does not share the personal data of donors.
  2. The Foundation does not guarantee to provide assistance in the requested amount, as to part or all of the requested amount.
  3. The Foundation reserves the right to disburse funds to a hospital, rehabilitation center, medical equipment dealer, ballet equipment dealer, theater, transport office, only on the basis of an invoice or bill issued to the foundation.
  4. Costs that can be reimbursed are: treatment, rehabilitation, transport, training, theater tickets, ballet competitions, insurance, scholarships, ballet costumes, shoes for practice. Invoices and receipts can be reimbursed only if there is no doubt about their credibility and purposefulness.
  5. The Board of the Foundation decides about financial operations and the date of their implementation for the beneficiary.




By applying for Foundation’s assistance, the mentee or his/her parent/legal guardian declares that he/she accepts the provisions of these Regulations.