Bianca Teixeira – San Francisco Ballet
beautiful people…
…there where passion becomes air…

…why did you choose ballet?

It is more like dance has chosen me. It’s who I am and it is how I can express and share all of my emotions with people. It’s how I give people love best without saying one word. It is how I show that the imperfections make each one of us unique and special.

I love that I don’t see my job as a job! There is not one day where I don’t love what I’m doing. Of course I get tired, it’s painful and not easy, but is priceless to see that everyday you can get even better than you were yesterday

…what gives you inspiration and motivation in difficult moments?

Thinking that I’m never alone! That God is within me and my Family are always there even when I am so far from home ☺ That gives me strength and inspiration!

…what does your normal day look like?

My day always starts with 1:15 min Class and then 7/8h of rehearsals, Gyrotonics, Pilates and extra exercises. I always have to saw and prepare my pointe shoes and to be well and healthy to perform… So the food is also very important ☺. I also love to read and write when I can ☺.

…what do you value the most in your life?

My family! They have always taught me to have faith and to never give up.

…inspiring thought for other people:

The thought that everything is constantly changing! Nothing is never the same, so everyday we can be better and we can make people around us feel amazing only with a smile or a „Thank you”… Being mindful.

That for me is the simplest things and actions that matter the most! And this thought that we are never alone, God is within us.

Making people happy makes me happy.